GX600D VHF, 1.8m fiberglass antenna, base, cable and face cover


GX600D VHF, 1.8m fiberglass antenna, base, cable and face cover
Package deal! The ever popular compact GX600D VHF radio, along with a GME 1.8m fiberglass detachable antenna, an adjustable/swiveling base with 5m of cable and a dust / sun cover for the radio.
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Flexibility has been the focus in the design of the GX600D vhf marine radio, with it's impressive compact size, IP67 rating, colour choice and range of mounting options which set the GX600D apart from other DSC radios.
In many areas of the world, Europe and the USA in particular, all fixed mount VHF radios now are required to include a basic DSC capability. The 25 Watt GME GX600D vhf marine radio however, goes well beyond this basic safety requirement and when interfaced with a GPS receiver will be able to transmit crucial vessel information, including position and the nature of the distress call whether it be fire, flooding, collision, grounding, capsize, sinking, adrift, abandoning, piracy or man overboard. In an emergency, one push of the 'red button' will send an automated digital distress alert containing your position and Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number to rescue facilities and other DSC-equipped vessels within the area.
Most competing products for sale in this price range employ a single receiver to monitor both voice and data, the GX600D comes complete with a second receiver so both voice and data are monitored independently ensuring the user will never miss a DSC call. The GX600D DSC radio also provides boaters with a valuable range of non-emergency capabilities, permitting communication with another boat or group of boats using individual or group MMSI numbers. If interfaced to a GPS equipped chartplotter the radio can also send, receive and display each vessel's position.
One year warranty.


1.8 m Fully detachable UV stable white fibreglass whip with glass impregnated nylon ferrule. For use with base assembly ABL012 or ABL013 
Colour code - green (VHF). One year warranty.


The GME marine antenna system provides flexible mounting options, and a simple solution to marine antenna installation.

The compact, configurable double swivel base is suitable for VHF, 27 MHz, AIS and AM/FM antenna whips. Utilising GME's integrated PL259 connection technique, the coaxial cable remains connected to the base rather than the antenna whip, permitting installation or security removal of the whip in a matter of seconds. A splash proof cap is provided for connector protection when the whip is removed.

The size and flexibility of the rectangular base enables assembly in either a single or double swivel configuration allowing flexibile installation in even the most challenging situations.

One year warranty.


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