CTEK Comfort Indicator

CTEK Comfort Indicator
These are the best way to keep track of a number of batteries that you are charging regularly. Attach to the battery and you can tell at a glance the state of charge of that battery. Then simply plug in your CTEK charger to the same lead to charge up. Too simple.

The COMFORT INDICATOR is easy to use and provides the tool to keep the batteries fresh and extends its life expectancy. After using the battery, it takes approximately 30-60min for the battery to regain its real battery condition and for a correct indication of charge to be shown. (When the battery is being used, the indicator does not accurately reflect battery condition).

**Green light means that the battery is OK and does not need to be charged.
**Yellow light means that the battery should be charged to avoid sulphation.
** Red light means that the battery needs charging to be able to start the vehicle.

Suitable for 12v Ctek chargers with the comfort connector plug, ie. mxs5.0, mxs0.8, mxs10, xs7000, xs4003, xs4000, and many more.
NZ$ 18.50