Boats Have Birthdays Too.

Boats Have Birthdays Too.


You may be thinking “Birthdays for boats! What next?”

Well, even boats need a little love sometimes . We tend to take the electrical system on our boats for granted as, apart from the breaker panel, most of it is out of sight and out of mind.

There are many boats that haven’t had their wiring checked since the recession kicked in and now are in need of some attention.

What we have found is that the enjoyment you get from a boat is directly related to the reliability of the boat. We all hate the times we get stranded in wop wop because the engine won’t start or the cabin lights don’t work so dinner ends up being made by headlight over a primus.

What we can do is give your wiring a health check with recommendations for urgent repairs, planned upgrades or rewires. The check will include a report of the condition of the wiring and associated components with an A to C grade:

• A - Good condition

• B - Non urgent repairs

• C - Urgent and necessary for safety.

Often these repairs can be done on only one section of the wiring. The breaker panel, for example, which is the heart of your boats electrical system can be upgraded without rewiring the entire boat.

If you would like a FREE, no obligation pre summer health check by Qualified Electricians with over 30 yrs experience then call us today.

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Posted: Thu 17 Oct 2013



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