Much has been said recently about LED lighting. Its finding its way into houses caravans and boats.

The reason for the upgrade from Halogen or even fluorescent bulbs is often due to the life of your average Halogen bulb is not all that long and LED has easily surpassed that.

Earlier LED was harsh light but that’s changed as well as there are softer lighting versions now.

The LED REVOLUTION has really taken place in the power consumption side. .

We have in the past been asked to come to a boat to sort out the charging system and battery capacity as the owner is finding they are running out of battery power early and having to resort to starting up the engine or genset.

They then sit around waiting for the batteries to be recharged while counting every noisy minute.

We have traditionally tried to shorten that engine run time by fitting either bigger batteries or a smart charging system and grunty alternator.

Well things are changing with the availability of the replacement LED bulbs to fit your existing light fittings we have been upgrading the whole boats lighting to LED with a huge change in the power consumption on the existing battery bank.

Result no upgrade required and less engine run time when out on anchor.

This saves money in diesel, large expensive battery banks, pricey high output alternators, and smart regulators and most importantly a nice quiet evening in your favourite bay.

We are able to supply all types of replacement LED bulbs for your light fittings.

So call us today for a quote to upgrade your lighting to LED and START SAVING MONEY.

Posted: Sat 28 May 2011



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